2 Cambridge Street,

Erlend and Hélène Clouston

Q: Which Edinburgh lawyer was blamed by Mark Twain for starting the US Civil War?
A: Free with every booking.
No.2 Cambridge Street is a beautiful ground floor apartment in the civilised heart of Scotland's capital. Still a private home, it offers two fully en-suite double bedrooms, enthusiastic cooking, and effortless access to Edinburgh's history, culture and entertainment. Honoured guests will find themselves just five minutes from, among others, the base of the Castle rock, the Traverse and Lyceum theatres, Princes Street & gardens, the city's largest concert hall, the city's oldest religious site, probably Edinburgh's finest restaurant and the grave of Thomas de Quincey (1785-1859), author of Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and sometime starving genius.


Front Double : Fully en suite, with fine view of Edinburgh Castle if you squint left.
Price : £125-£160 per night, depending on season ; single occupancy £100-£140.
Inclusive of semi-gourmet breakfasts.


Back Double: Fully en suite, with views to secret urban gardens.
Price : £125-£160 per night, depending on season ; single occupancy £100-£140. Inclusive of semi-gourmet breakfasts.

Breakfast can include:
Kathmandu-style Cinnamon Yoghurt
Date and Banana Glacier
Asparagus Apocalypse
Pommes Rimbaud
Oeufs à la Brioche
Haggis Intersection
Mushroom Taleggio
Sharon's Passion
A typical contented customer:
Mr R. Magritte of Brussels
"Lord D. placed before me a most magnificent breakfast. It was really so; but in my eyes it seemed trebly magnificent - from being the first regular meal. that I had sate down to for months."

Chariots of Fire!
Make your stay in Scotland really special by hiring a beautiful classic sports car. For a few bawbees we can direct you towards a choice of eight, including a Triumph TR6, a Morgan two-seater, and a Jaguar Mk. 2, 3.4. What better way to explore the land that gave the world the speedometer and the first fatal automobile accident (Paisley, 1834)?
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